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Students at the University of Richmond have a variety of ways to lean more about Data Science, Data Analytics and Computational Analysis.  From inspiring courses to concentrations to bootcamps and faculty-mentored research, opportunities abound!


Data Science Concentration for Computer Science and Mathematics Students

Computer Science and Mathematics majors may choose to add a concentration in Data Science and Statistics. Data Science is an emerging interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from data.
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Data Analytics Bootcamp

Learn Data Analytics in 24 weeks. Gain the specialized skills needed to analyze big data and turn it into clear insights. With a part-time schedule, you’ll attend class on evenings and weekends, allowing you to fit this program into your life.
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Data Analytics Concentration for Business Students

The four course concentration will provide students with the tools and technologies to analyze data for business applications. This concentration will expose students to SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems), SQL (Structured Query Language), and Python programming language.
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Bachelor's Degree in Data Analytics

Our Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS) major in Data Analytics combines coursework in data analytics, statistics, math, leadership and ethics to build well-rounded professionals and prepare students to be information technology specialists and decision-makers. You’ll learn skills to take complex information and turn it into valuable insights for decision making, often applying the learning to real-world situations.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Our undergraduate certificate in Data Analytics is designed with the flexibility to prepare recent college graduates to expand their skills and knowledge and better prepare for entry-level data analytics jobs. Additionally, the certificate can help more seasoned individuals prepare for a career change and mid-career professionals expand their skill sets to assume new data analytics roles and responsibilities. 

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Data Courses

BIOL 351 Data Visualization and Communication for Biologists

BUAD 369: Special Topics: Cybersecurity for Business

CHEM 311 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

CMSC 326 Simulation

CMSC 327 Machine Learning

ECON 242 Introduction to Computing Techniques for Economics & Business

ECON 270 Econometrics

ECON 341 Mathematical Economics

ECON 370 Advanced Econometrics

ECON 373 Forecasting & Time-Series Analysis

GEOG 250 Foundations of Geospatial Analysis

GEOG 365 Advanced Spatial Analysis

INFO 201 Data Analysis Software

INFO 301 Advanced Statistical Analysis

INFO 302 SQL and Process Optimization for the Business Analyst

INFO 3030 Machine Learning for the Business Analyst

ISYS 312U Predictive Analytics

ISYS 315U Data Visualization

MATH 289 Introduction to Data Science

MGMT 225 IT & Data Analytics

MKT 423 Marketing Analytics

PHYS 215 Computational Methods in Physics

PSYC 359 Data Visualization and Analysis